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All prices are displayed are in CAD with FREE SHIPPING over $500

Some exclusions may apply*

Limited Edition vs Player Proofs. Frameworth Sports

Limited Edition vs Player Proofs

Often customers ask us the difference between a Standard, Limited Edition and Player Proof collectible. So we are here to provide clarity for all!

Standard/Open Edition

This would be the majority of our products, and it means that the collectible is not limited to a specific number that can be produced. It is therefore not numbered in any way. For example, our standard Morgan Rielly signed Toronto Maple Leafs Adidas Auth. Jersey, is a standard/open edition, meaning we can produce as many of them as we want. Once we run out of stock, we can re-stock!

When talking about Limited Edition and Player Proof collectibles, we will use the Carey Price signed framed Montreal Canadiens 21x29" Robb Scott Print and Toronto Maple Leafs multi-signed framed Captains Row Print as examples.

Limited edition vs player proofs. Frameworth Sports

Captains Row 9 Signed 18x27. Frameworth Sports

Limited Edition

We deem a collectible Limited Edition when we produce a specific and limited quantity of the product. Limited Edition collectibles often include a hand-written "x/xx" in a visible location. Using the above Carey Price signed framed Montreal Canadiens Robb Scott Print as an example, this print is Limited Edition 1 of 131. Meaning, that this is the first of the 131 Limited Edition prints and that only 131 prints of this product will ever, and can ever, be produced. 

While this is not the norm, on occasion a similar print, or a significant enough variation of a limited product might be offered as part of an open edition in tandem with a Limited Edition series. It is typically up to the company producing the edition to determine whether or not there is enough variation between the open and limited editions to warrant to separate product lines

Typically speaking when we deem a collectible as a Limited Edition, we would not ALSO offer a standard/open edition of the same product. Meaning, we would not create a Limited Edition of that collectible, and then continue to produce non-numbered versions once the Limited Edition sells out. However, whenever we create a Limited Edition, we often put aside a few prints for the player themselves. These are called Player Proofs.

Player Proofs

This is a product which is numbered separately from either a Limited Edition or a standard/open edition. This is done to ensure that the player themselves can receive a few collectibles without having to take items from the Limited Edition.

For example: item 90-558 is a Player Proof edition which exists outside of the 131 collectibles contained in the limited edition In the event that the players don't want all of them, they may give us back some which we can sell as Player Proofs.

Player Proofs are typically only done for Limited Edition pieces. 


The difference in value - As far as manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) goes, usually Limited Edition pieces sell for higher. However, some collectors actually value a Player Proof (PP) more since there are technically fewer in circulation, and often have a closer connection to the player. It's also not guaranteed that any Player Proofs will hit the market for every Limited Edition. Often it comes down to whether or not a Limited Edition sells out completely. 

For example, when we launched The Toronto Maple Leafs multi-signed framed Captain's Row, which included signatures from all living Toronto Maple Leafs captains at the time, the Limited Edition almost sold out in the pre-sale. Meaning, the value of this Limited Edition Captains Row print is perceived as very high. That said, we have also sold some Player Proofs of this collectible and while there are likely fewer of those in circulation than the actual edition, they typically sell on secondary markets for less than the price of the actual Limited Edition. 
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