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Frameworth will work in partnership with your marketing and sales team to create the perfect framed or plaqued sports collectibles to be used for corporate gifting, internal rewards programs or as an incentive for dealers.

We have worked hard over the years to establish relationships with the corporate segment and have created customized programs and special product offers designed to meet both high and low end product needs. Items such as plaques, posters, clocks and other low end, high volume merchandise allows Frameworth to offer products to corporate sports fans at price points not reserved for the collectors of high-end memorabilia.

Our role as a licensee and our list of exclusive athletes allows our corporate partners to use our services as an extension of their marketing, advertising and sales programs. Previous success with Superbowl tributes and other NFL-related collectibles has shown Frameworth's ability to package quality memorabilia, has continuously created new opportunities for the corporate segment throughout the year.

Additionally, Frameworth provides services in organizing and/or hosting various corporate events. For more information on available products and programs you may contact Brian Ehrenworth at