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All prices are displayed are in CAD with FREE SHIPPING over $500

Some exclusions may apply*

All prices are displayed are in CAD with FREE SHIPPING over $500

Some exclusions may apply*

Jersey Framing 1 - Plate or Etching

Original price $424.99 - Original price $424.99
Original price
$424.99 - $424.99
Current price $424.99

Frame your own jersey!

Do you love Frameworth's renowned framing style, but already have a prized jersey in your collection? Now if your opportunity to finally get that collectable on display in your home or office. 

The framing style is as shown. 

Finished size is roughly 34" x 42" but may vary depending on the jersey being framed.

Please note that custom framing options are not subject to free shipping for purchases over $500. 

*The jersey and photo shown are not included with purchase.*

The purchase of this custom framing comes with your choice of a custom plate or etching.

Please note that the purchase of this item indicates your acceptance of the terms below:

Customers are responsible for all costs of shipping their items to and from Frameworth including freight cost, applicable duties, tariffs and taxes, insurance, etc.

Customers will be charged a deposit on shipping at the time of checkout, but, if necessary, any increased cost beyond the deposit amount may be charged to the customer prior to Frameworth returning the finished frame.

If Frameworth is required to pay any collect fees upon the arrival of your item to our warehouse, the customer must remit those funds to Frameworth prior to framing.

If payment is not received, your item may not be framed and will be held until compensation is received in full.

It is recommended that you ship your valuable items via registered courier with a signature requirement as well as insurance on the value of your item.

Frameworth cannot be held responsible in the event of loss, theft, or damage to your item in transit to or from Frameworth, or while in storage at Frameworth.

In select circumstances determined at the sole discretion of Frameworth, Frameworth may only be responsible for up to the maximum cost of the framing purchased for your item.

We cannot provide additional compensation for the item(s) itself/themselves, or any existing signatures on it/them.