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Send-In Terms and Conditions

Please note that your raw items will be handled by the athlete and/or attendants in a fast paced environment during the signing. We cannot offer discounts, refunds, or returns on damages to your product including, but not limited to:
  • Smudges, smears, scuffs, or imperfections caused to existing signatures on your item
  • Smudges, smears, scuffs, or imperfections on the new signatures obtained during the signing
  • Autographs which the customer deems to be of a “lesser quality”
  • Damages caused to your raw product
Send-In items for signings MUST be packaged with a completed “Send-In Form.” Frameworth cannot accept responsibility for items which are received without a fully completed form in the event that they are lost, or are not signed. Customers will be responsible for the cost of shipping these items back to themselves.
Customers are responsible for all costs of shipping their items to and from the signing including freight cost applicable duties, tariffs and taxes, insurance, etc.
  • If Frameworth is required to pay any of these fees upon arrival to our warehouse, the customer must remit those funds to Frameworth prior to the signing. If payment is not received, your item may not be signed and will be held until compensation is received in full.
It is recommended that you ship your valuable items via registered courier with a signature requirement as well as insurance on the value of your item.
In the event of loss of, theft of, or damage to your item in transit to or from Frameworth, or while in storage at Frameworth, we may only be responsible for up to the maximum cost of the autographs and/or inscriptions purchased for this signing. We cannot provide additional compensation for the item itself, or any existing signatures on it.
While we will make our best efforts to do so, pens, display boxes, instructions, and other paraphernalia included with send-ins may not be returned along with the item. 
While we will make our best efforts to ensure signing instructions are followed, Frameworth cannot offer discounts, refunds, or additional compensation in the event that the athlete:
  • Changes the requested inscription or personalization (If Inscriptions are offered)
  • Misspells a name or word on the inscription (If Inscriptions are offered)
  • Signs an item with a type of pen, or colour of pen other than what was requested
  • Signs an item in an area other than the requested location
In the event that an athlete refuses to sign or inscribe your item, your autograph cost will be refunded, but you will still be responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to you (if the item was shipped to us).
Payment for send-in autographs must be received prior to the deadline otherwise items will not be signed. 
In the event of a delay or postponement of the signing, your item will be held until the next available opportunity to get it signed.
  • No refunds or exchanges can be made on any pre-ordered send-in items, autograph tickets, fast passes, or standard pre-ordered autographed items (if applicable)
  • Terms and conditions may change without notice