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Send In Program

FAQs About the Frameworth Send In Program

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1. Can I get an inscription with my autograph?

Yes. You need to purchase any inscription. Inscription prices vary per athlete. An inscription is considered 3 words. After 3 words, you must purchase another inscription. Inscription are only available with the purchase of an autograph. Frameworth does not allow inscriptions on already autographed items. The inscription must be done at the same time as the autograph.

2. I have the below items, what category are they considered for send-ins?

Each athlete may have different ticket types / classifications. If you are not sure, please email

Examples for Jonathan Toews:
16 x 20 print – Regular Item
Hockey puck – Regular Item
16 x 20 multi signed photo – Regular Item
Helmet – Premium Item

3. Can I drop off my items to get signed?

Yes. Please email in advance to schedule an appropriate time to come in to drop of your item(s). You may also mail in your items to 1198 Caledonia Road, North York, M6A2W5, ON. All drop-offs and send-ins must be accompanied by a completed Send-In Form.

4. What is considered a Regular and Premium?

Regular Items: Flats larger than 8x10” up to 16x20", figurines, toys, etc.
Premium Items: Flats 16x20"+, jerseys, sticks, etc.

*Note* Players will not sign any loose numbers under any circumstance.

Item types may vary depending on the athlete. If you are not sure, please email

5. I noticed that some of the autograph prices are the same as inscription prices, is this accurate?

Yes, it is correct. Inscriptions can take up to 2-3 times longer than autographs and we need to respect the time of the athletes.

6. Are all send-ins final sale?

Yes. All send-in are final sale.

7. If I want a personalization, do I need to purchase an inscription?

Yes Personalization are NOT included (ex. To Joe). You must purchase an inscription ticket and write the EXACT words you would like included in your personalization.

8. I’m unclear on some of the rules & regulations, do you have somewhere I could read through them all? Yes. Please view our Terms & Conditions