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Please Note: All prices displayed are in Canadian Funds
Please Note: All prices displayed are in Canadian Funds
Signature Preservation

Signature Preservation

Signature preservation is an important step to remember as a collector. 

We recommend that signed items should not be exposed to direct sunlight, ultraviolet light or any other direct light as this may cause fading to signatures and hand-numbering or discolouration to the item over time.

Whether you’re hanging framed photos, framed pucks, canvases or jerseys, always pick a wall that faces the inside of your home and not one that faces windows.

Unfortunately, we cannot replace items that are improperly displayed or stored by the customer.

If you have a signature that is fading or obscured, please contact our team to arrange an assessment. You can get in touch via email at or telephone (416) 788 1115.


Memorabilia Care Instructions:

  • Never hang frames using picture-frame wire or hanging utensils other than what has been affixed to the item by the manufacturer. Breakage caused by third party hanging hardware cannot be replaced.
  • Do not store items outside of climate-controlled areas.
  • Do not hang or display items in direct sunlight or overly bright areas.
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