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What do I do if I received my item is damaged?

-          If you received your item in any sort of condition you did not order it in; please send an email with a detailed explanation & pictures highlighting the imperfection. A Frameworth customer service representative will contact you with an appropriate critical path for a solution.

Does Frameworth use UV protected glass when it comes to framing?

-          Frameworth has made a conscious decision to work with regular glass as opposed to conservation/UV glass. The decision is based on a number of factors including relative UV protection, product quality, and clarity of the glass. We advise our customers that any product, no matter what the claims may be, is going to fade if placed in direct sunlight over time. There are trade-offs with each type of glass, but we feel with standard glass we are able to offer a product with an acceptable amount of protection, little loss in image clarity and a competitive price-point.

What do I do if I misplaced my Certificate of Authenticity?

-          If you have lost/or damaged or did not receive a Certificate of Authenticity please send an email with a detailed explanation of the product, photos of the item, when you purchased the item, and any receipt info you may have. In regards to the photos, please highlight the signature and the Frameworth Hologram located on the item. Once we receive all this info we will work with our Inventory Management Team and get back to you as soon as possible. 

I want a specific size jersey, is this something you can accommodate?

-          We do our best to accommodate size requests however Frameworth does not guarantee jersey sizing and typically stocks L or XL for replica jerseys or 52 or 54 for pro jerseys. These are the most ideal jersey sizes for framing.

I lost my COA, can I get a replacement?

-          We do not re-issue COAs unless you can prove that the original COA has been destroyed, to achieve this we need photo proof of the original being destroyed, your order number and the request must be filed to within 60 days of being purchased. 

The item I am looking to order says out of stock – what do you suggest?

-          Upon checkout, if your item says “Product Temporarily out of Stock” – this could mean a couple different things. If the product is unsigned and says out of stock, we can generally produce it in our facility within 5-7 business days (this just means we currently do not have any on our shelves). If the product is signed and says out of stock, please contact with the product part number. Depending on our signings, we could currently have that product on order or in production but just it is just not on the shelf. If the product is out of stock and we currently do not have any on order, we will do our best to create a specific order especially for you to get the item done at our next signing. However, some expectations may apply – contacting will give you further detailed information on your request.

I am looking to send-in a personal item to get signed by your exclusive athlete?

-          Please email with your send- in request. Depending on the player, our customer service representative will send you a “Send In” document which will need to be filled out and emailed/ faxed/ mailed/ dropped off with the item. After the signing, we will contact you to have the item picked up or arranged to be shipped back to you.

I want Sidney Crosby to sign my item with an inscription.

-          Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept any send-ins for signings with Sid. Everything we do with him is private. However, please keep checking in every so often either via email or our website for an update.

I want to buy the signed jersey numbers, without the jersey.

-          Unfortunately, we do not sell numbers on their own.

How do private signings work?

-          Typically the way a private signing works is in the manner that you are able to send us an item that you would like to have signed by the player or you can purchase one of our items to be signed. Unfortunately, you do not get to meet the player during a private signing. From time to time, we do offer public signings and at that time you would get to meet the player.

Are your jerseys licensed by the NHL?

-          The majority of our jerseys are Fanatics Breakaways or adidas adizero pro jerseys which are NHL licensed jerseys with NHL licensed stitching, numbers, and name bar.

I have this amazing signed Mario Lemieux item – would you be interested in purchasing it off me?

-          We do not purchase any sort of memorabilia from customers as per our company policy.

I am trying to order an item online, but at checkout it won’t let me complete the purchase.

-          With our website, the billing address you input on the site must be the same as your credit card’s billing address for the card – this is for security reasons or the order will not go through. Please also double check you’re postal/zip code and that all other shipping information is entered correctly. If you are still unable to check-out please email or call us and we would be happy to manually put the order through for you.

How can I know that the signed item is real & authentic?

-          Frameworth is an official licensee of the NHL, NHLPA, Hockey Hall of Fame, and Hockey Canada. All of our products you see on the website have gotten approval by 1 or more of those entities. Additionally, we exclusively represent 21 different professional athletes to autograph deals. This means that these players ONLY sign for us, so we are the direct source for any of them. All of our autographed items come with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) & Hologram which authenticates them.

When is Frameworth’s next big event or promotion?

-          Sign up for our Frameworth Insider ( to stay up to date with our autograph signings, special offers, new product launches, & more! We send weekly email blasts out to our Insiders first with information on what is happening at Frameworth.

Can you authenticate my item?

-          Unfortunately Frameworth does not authenticate any products but our own due to company policy.