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Please Note: All prices displayed are in Canadian Funds.
Please Note: All prices displayed are in Canadian Funds.

"Trickle Down" by Brayden Bugazzi

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"Belly up, all the drinks are on the crown It's just a matter of a trickle down". This line from The Hip's political song Trickle Down is what inspired LA based artist Brayden Bugazzi to imagine a tatted-out young Rocker Queen E, decked out in bedazzled jewels and a dripping "Basquiat Crown". Bugazzi's unique collage style constructs a portrait of the British monarch out of random newspaper and magazine cutouts. The layering of Canadian iconography throughout the image combines with an edgy American outsider's perspective that sees Royalty as part gangster (note the teardrop tattoos) and part rock star.


 Limited Edition Print


Mixed media, collage on wood panel

Moab Entrada Rag Bright


42” W x 58” H

Unframed: 24" x 32.75" Framed: 33" x 41.75"


*Please note: All sales are final. Customer agrees to allow the original artworks to be displayed at Bracebridge Hall throughout the duration of the exhibition (July 8 - August 31, 2022). Representatives of Song-Word Art House will coordinate the date of delivery of sold artwork with customer at the time of purchase. You will be contacted after purchase for shipping on the Original Artwork. This item is apart of an exclusive collaboration with Song Word Art House, for more details about the art or the exhibition visit Song-Word Art House (

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Brayden Bugazzi is an artist based in the Los Angeles area who makes art inspired by Pop culture and different aspects of human culture. His works are mixed media, but the foundation of his work is collage. One of the main ingredients in his art is recycled materials primarily from magazines and books. His work has been featured in Vogue and many other international magazines. He has also created murals in and around Hollywood, and participated in high profile shows associated with Art Basel Miami, LA Art Show, and showed in major galleries on 3 different continents and 7 countries. He has sold to buyers from around the world, including several “A list” celebrities.

"I started obsessively building my photos out of recycled magazines, and as I created more and more collages, I started to mix more and more elements into them. As a photographer through the years I started to build a fascination with the idea of how disposable printed media is. It created an internal feeling of sadness for how the digital revolution has cheapened the value of professional photography. After many years of working in the digital realm, I felt this need to build with my hands, and have more of a physical connection with my work. I feel a satisfaction into breathing new life into these discarded magazines."

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