Weekly Blog Content

Weekly Blog Content

Posted by TL on 2020 May 25th

Hey everyone,

As many of you have been experiencing, there are many changes that are being thrust into action in all levels of our lives right now. At Frameworth we are happy to have the support of so many of our fans, friends and families during these times and have been doing  everything we can to stay involved in our community. The following announcement continues to personify this community engagement.

With all of that said, we are very pleased to announce that we will not only be bringing back our blogs but they will be returning with a slightly different flare than what they resembled earlier in this year and in past iterations. We are shifting the focus of our blog to be more engaging with our followers and to give you a new element to experience on our website, there will be weekly posts in this forum where we will discuss all things sport. The good news with the timing of major league discussions on a return to play will definitely fuel many talking points, as well as some of the other sporting news to hit the presses in recent weeks.

Let's buckle up and get ready to get this ball rolling, as your author of this blog is quite eager to see where this all goes, and what this eventually blossoms into. Who knows, maybe down the road we can start to have some of you send in your blogs, or your ideas - that is all well off into the future and to be discussed at a later date. Until we get there, I hope you all enjoy some of our upcoming topics of discussion.

- TL