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NHL All-Star Auction

NHL All-Star Auction

Posted by TL on 2020 Jan 23rd

NHL All-Star Weekend is upon us, where we get to watch our NHL heroes showcase their world-class talent, skill and ability in a wide-variety of tests as well as the 3-on-3 tournament featuring the best of the NHL's 4 divisions. 

To mark this years edition of the All-Star Game, and the celebration of NHL superstars past and present. Frameworth will be conducting a NHL All-Star Auction on January 24th 2020, through to January 27th 2020.

While we are amazed by the NHL All-Stars of today, celebrate the superstars of yesterday with this auction featuring some of the best in the NHL today and some of the best in the NHL from years past. The auction catalog can be viewed at the following link: