Alex Ovechkin - 700 Goals & Counting

Alex Ovechkin - 700 Goals & Counting

Posted by TL on 2020 Feb 25th

Wayne Gretzky holds numerous NHL records, many of which will never be broken - one record that was widely regarded as unbreakable is now in doubt. Gretzky is the NHL's All-time leading goal scoring with 894 goals, a mark that many thought would never be touched, until this season. Ovechkin is on record as saying that he had wanted to break the all-time goals mark however, no one fully took it seriously until the 2019-20 season.

Most goal scorers face some form of regression throughout their careers, due to injury, slowing of their speed, increased defensive focus from the opposition. Ovi to this point has not experienced any of these slow-downs, he is scoring just as many goals now as he was during his 20s. He truly is a gifted goal-scorer, no matter what teams may try to implement against him he still finds a way on to the scoresheet.

Alex Ovechkin is on a path to true immortality as the greatest goal scorer of all-time, he still has 190+ to go - but he is well on his way. He was the fastest player to go from 600-700 career goals, and he has shown no signs on his quest to be the greatest goal scorer of all time.

We are all fortunate to watch Ovi's story continue to unfold on his path to gr8ness.